Hot Flushes – 5 things to give up to reduce them

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Hot Flushes?

You’ve probably seen that cartoon on Social Media?  The one that says ” I’m still hot, only now it comes in flushes!”?  Ha bloomin’ ha. If you’re a sufferer, you know hot flushes are no laughing matter. They can be uncomfortable, incovenient and embarrassing.

You know? That sudden feeling of heat, which seems to come from nowhere and spreads through your body. Not to mention the sweating, scarlet face and palpitations. Lovely.

Hot flushes are a common symptom in perimenopause and menopause, but there are lots of simple steps to take to reduce them.

HONEST! Mine lasted about 2-3 months, until I got them under control.

And I’m about to let you into a few of my secrets…

There are things you can reduce or give up to help you stop the perimenopausal power surges. It’s isn’t always easy, but you have to ask yourself…



So if you’re truly sick and tired of your broken thermostat, read on.

Yes, here’s my short guide …

5 things to give up to reduce hot flushes

#1  Kick Cigarettes.

Yes, stop smoking the ciggies or vastly reduce the amount you smoke. I’ve never been a smoker so this wasn’t my issue. BUT cigarettes are associated with a bigger risk of horrid hot flushes.

#2  Stop Skipping Meals

Low blood sugar can be a cause of hot flushes, so don’t rush out of the house without brekkie, ladies. Eat regularly and choose a balanced, hormone-and-flush-friendly diet.

#3 Quit Caffeine

Normal coffee and tea. Many fizzy drinks. Chocolate. ALL contain caffeine. Cut the Cappuccino and ditch the Dairy Milk to calm down the hot flushes.


#4 Wean Yourself Off Wine…

…beer…spirits. Alcohol is known to make hot flushes worse for many PeriMenopausal Princesses, so reduce or quit alcohol to see how much difference it makes.

#5 Curb the Curries

This was toughie for me! I love curries. I gave up spicy food for a little while on my journey to No Flush Nirvana. Spicy food can trigger hot flushes for some gorgeous girls. Phew! That wasn’t the sound of me flushing: that was recognition that spicy food didn’t trigger mine!

I’ve managed my flushes very well with a winning combination of food and lifestyle choices, reducing exposure to toxins in my environment and some superb self-care. It can be done.

So what are you waiting for?

You could decide to go cold turkey and quit all at once.  Or you could remove one at a time for 1-2 weeks and see what difference it makes.  It’s up to you, lovely ladies.

Let me know how you get on and ask for guidance on my social media pages.


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2 thoughts on “Hot Flushes – 5 things to give up to reduce them

  1. I have done all the above and it has made no or very little difference. I have been flushing since I came off HRT 12 months ago . I will continue to cut these things out my diet as it certainly isn’t doing me any harm, but unfortunately for me has made no difference to my flushes. Wish it was so easy. Hope if works for others though.

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