Hormone Havoc To Harmony

Are you in your 40s or early 50s and wondering what the heck happened to the woman you once were?

Is your waist making a desperate bid for freedom over the top of your jeans?

Does your mood change more than the weather? In fact, the Forecaster could be talking about YOU when they say “an area of low depression causing dark clouds and rain”

You’re fuelled by caffeine and Cava as you wearily wind towards the weekend and let’s not forget the craving for carbs, crisps and chocolate eh?

Your once boringly predictable monthly cycle is erratic and inconvenient?   The pre-menstrual symptoms are H-O-R-R-E-D-O-U-S and/or the period even worse?

Hot and bothered by horrid hot flushes, maybe?


Yes, you’re pre menopausal which can start even late 30s and the changes gradually creep up on you.  It’s totes normal. Phew.

If your periods have stopped for a year or more and you’re suffering big style, you’re menopausal.

You may be confused and concerned about medications for what ISN’T actually a disease?  It’s a life stage, a transition to becoming the wise, wonderful woman you were born to be.


Let’s just whizz forward a moment.

Close your eyes and let me tell you how it could be…

Can you imagine how fantastic it would be to MANAGE your symptoms rather than feel it’s taken control of you?


Visualise waking up refreshed, bounding out of bed full of the joys, making great health choices daily that make you zing and sing, feeling fab and looking lovely.

Picture wearing clothes you love, on a skin you feel happy in.

See yourself glowing with health, knowing you can deal with your day with ease and confidence.

Hear those sweet nothings your partner will whisper, because your libido cranked up a gear…or two.



  • Evenings and weekends slumped on the sofa, too tired/emotional/embarrassed to do anything else.
  • Relying on coffee, cigarettes and Chardonnay for fuel.
  • Craving chocolate, or cakes… or ooh ice cream…
  • Praying for Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility, when you’re glowing red and running with sweat or looking and feeling like cr*p??
  • Feigning another headache and turning over to switch off the bedside light.
  • Buying comfy clothes – layers, of course – in bigger and bigger sizes to accommodate your tum.
  • Issuing warnings to friends and family about your hormonal mood swings from harassed to histrionics and hostile to hysterical.
  • Feeling like cr*p or looking like cr*p
  • Being a slave to your hormones.


Are YOU ready to discover how you can manage your hormones magnificently?  Yes, you too can look and feel like your best self, Change of Life or not!

Most women don’t know the simple secrets of self-care to calm hormone havoc.

But don’t worry, help is at hand.

YOU will have the advantage over those who suffer silently, their life-enjoyment spoiled. You will discover what may behind your symptoms.  You will learn options for handling them. You will get TAILORED guidance just for you. You will get my undivided attention in your sessions. Because you’re worth it.

I want you to give you all the INFORMATION you need to manage your symptoms naturally and the listening ear, hand-holding and/or gentle butt kicking you need for TRANSFORMATION…to really take control of your hormones, health and happiness. Together, we can make that happen.


Goodbye frustration of being 40s or 50s and feeling fat, frumpy and fed up. Hello hormone harmony, health and happiness!

Let me introduce to you, my tailored, 3 month 1-1 programme …


… Hormone Havoc to Harmony


I’ll actively help you every step of the way as you:-

  • Understand what’s going on for you, your health and your hormones – includes testing to see the mineral balance in your body and any toxic metals too.
  • Decide WHAT you want to change and HOW you want to change with my support.
  • Crowd in healthy and tasty hormone-balancing foods and crowd out less nutritious ones WITHOUT becoming a lettuce nibbling food bore.
  • Choose the right well-woman supplement programme for you.
  • Ramp up healthy lifestyle choices and ditch those dodgy habits to stay healthier, happier and more energetic for longer.
  • Get your body moving for managing weight, building strength and creating calm.  We’re talking “activity” here not the dreaded E word …exercise!
  • Rid your cupboards of toxins and other chemical nasties lurking there, that can interfere with hormonal health.


For your investment in your health, you get:-

  • A comprehensive health questionnaire so we can start playing detective.
  • Initial call for up to 2 hours to explore your questionnaire, agree the action plan and get started on making positive changes straight away. We’re all about results, right?
  • 7 fortnightly calls to monitor progress,  punch the air with successes, work through together any challenges that come up and take more action.
  • 1 hair mineral test and report (worth £120)
  • Handouts, cheat sheets and other resources to move you forward.
  • VIP access via e mail and Voxer for questions, getting unstuck, handholding and gentle bum kicking for 3 months
  • Recommendations for your own well-woman supplement programme (Note: supplement recommendations are individual and cost of supplements is NOT included in this month programme.)


Invest in Your Health and Hormone Harmony

..all for the value price of £1980 total and you can pay in one go or with an instalment plan.

It’s £1980 and you can buy the programme now in 1, 2, 3 or 4 instalments right NOW! 


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Why listen to me?

I am Kathy Payne – Natural Health and Fertility Coach.


I work with A-M-A-Z-I-N-G women just like you to calm hormonal havoc and modern-life mayhem, naturally. My clients have improved health and happiness, whilst working with me.

Heck, I even managed to get my own hormones and health under control. I’m a Menopause Maven but slimmer, fitter and healthier than ever before. Quite a transformation. I used to be fat, unfit, fed-up, frazzled and frumpy and almost 40 and firmly stuck in the corporate rat race.

Now I’m a Health Coach for women.  I’ve worked long and hard to gain the knowledge and experience to show YOU healthy food, lifestyle habits and natural therapies to become the best version of yourself.   And I really want to support you on your journey to better health and hormones and your own personal health and life goals.


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It’s £1980 and you can buy the programme now in 1, 2, 3 or 4 instalments right NOW! 

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A sound investment in transforming your hormones, health, happiness and life.

Let’s coax out that woman you once were…together.