Your Fertility-Friendly Lifestyle Programme

Planning to have a baby or already trying? Want to get baby-fit or get pregnant faster… either naturally or using IVF?

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Is your heart heavy when your period starts every month?

Your relationship is all about the ovulation strips and quickies rather than lazy Sunday mornings making love? All the talk is of babies … or there’s no talk at all?

Trying is TRYING.

Do you fight back anger or sadness when you see couples fall pregnant easily or worse…by accident?

Or feel guilty because you have a condition that might make conceiving more tricky?

Have you spent huge amounts of time, money and what seems like the last crumbs of your sanity trying to have a baby?

Spent 5/10/20/+ years desperate NOT to wind up pregnant and now you’d do ANYTHING to get pregnant?

How close have you come to kicking the people who say “Just go on holiday and have lots of sex” and “Relax and it’s bound to happen”? Er derrrrr…

Do you ever think “Why us? Why can’t we have a baby?”

Or maybe you’ve been living life in the fast line and KNOW that you should clean up your act before you actually start baby-making?

Do any of these describe you? 

Are you feeling the frustration of “unexplained fertility”?

Or the sadness of miscarriage?

Is the label of a certain condition like PCOS, Endometriosis or sperm issues weighing heavy around your neck like an Alabatross? And you just don’t know what to DO to bring you closer to having a baby.

Maybe you already have a child and yearn for another, so don’t understand why you can’t fall pregnant AGAIN?

Perhaps you’re a little long in the tooth for “misspent youth” these days and desperate for help to improve your lifestyle to get baby ready.

Or even an “older” prospective parent who is well aware thank-you-very-much that  fertility declines naturally with age and you want to protect or boost yours NOW!

I know you want me to guarantee you will get pregnant. I wish I could.  Deep down, you know I can’t – absolutely no-one can.

Just let me tell you what we CAN do together…

Can you imagine how fantastic it would be to feel IN CONTROL on your journey to parenthood?

Fast forward and see yourself making fertility-friendly choices tailored just for you without feeling like life is all about the kale-quaffing and stick-peeing. 

Feel safe in the knowledge that  you and your partner are doing the best that you can to boost your fertility.

Picture your health and vitality improving.

Imagine living your life and loving your life, at the same time as preparing for parenthood. 

Realise that you can have dedicated support every step of the way from someone who knows that every couple’s journey is unique. And someone who is trained by organisation FORESIGHT, which has been helping couples have happy, healthy babies for over 30 years. 

Say goodbye to:-

  • Mind-boggling confusion about how and what to EAT…you know you are what you eat AND your future babies are what YOU both eat prior to conception. Yikes!
  • Ancient and modern myths on menstrual cycles, getting pregnant faster and how to have a happy, healthy baby.
  • The frustration of knowing what you SHOULD do, but not knowing where to start or how to keep up healthy habits.
  • Lifestyle choices that are harmful to health and fertility.
  • Feeling unsupported and struggling.

Are you ready to discover how you can live a fertility-friendly lifestyle?

button  It’s £1650 and you can pay online in 1, 2 or 3 instalments.

Most couples don’t know the simple secrets of self-care for fuelling fertility.

But don’t worry, help is at hand.

YOU will have the advantage over those who are confused, frustrated and torn by all kind of conflicting information including MISinformation.

You will explore what may behind your symptoms.  You will learn options for handling them. You will get TAILORED guidance just for you. You will get my undivided attention in your sessions. Because you’re worth it.

I want you to give you all the INFORMATION you need to boost fertility naturally and the listening ear, hand-holding and/or gentle butt kicking you need for TRANSFORMATION…to really take control of your health and fertility. Together, we can make that happen.

Is it time to embrace a fertility-friendly lifestyle?

Young couple cooking together

Let me introduce to you, my tailored, six month 1-1 programme aptly named Your Fertility Friendly Lifestyle.

I’ll actively help you every step of the way as you:-

  • Understand what’s going on for you, your health and your hormones – includes testing to see the mineral balance in your body and any toxic metals too.
  • Decide WHAT you want to change and HOW you want to change with my support.
  • Crowd in healthy and tasty fertility-friendly foods and crowd out less nutritious ones WITHOUT becoming a lettuce nibbling food bore.
  • Choose the right fertility boosting supplement programme for you.
  • Ramp up healthy lifestyle choices and ditch those dodgy habits to get healthier, balance this hormones and improve natural fertility.
  • Get your body moving for managing weight, building strength and creating calm.  We’re talking “activity” here not the dreaded E word …exercise!
  • Rid your cupboards of toxins and other chemical nasties lurking there, that can interfere with hormonal health and fertility.

For your investment in your health, you get:-

  • A comprehensive health questionnaire so we can start playing detective.
  • 2 phone/Skype calls of up to 60 minutes each per month i.e. 12 in total to talk and get my best advice.
  • The opportunity to ask questions and get my support weekly via email in between calls.
  • Handouts, cheat sheets, workbooks, meal planners, recipes, recommendations, references- whichever of my existing tools works for you.
  • 2 hair mineral analysis tests and reports each from a leading Lab  i.e 4 tests– 1 test and 1 retest for mineral status and toxic metals for each partner.
  • Recommendations for your own  supplement programmes (Note: supplement recommendations are individual and cost of supplements is NOT included in this 6 month programme).

Purchase Programme

It’s £1650 and you can buy this programme in 1, 2 or 3 instalments by clicking the button below and paying online.


Why Should You Listen to Me?

I am Kathy Payne – Natural Health and Fertility Coach.

I work with couples just like you to calm hormonal havoc and modern-life mayhem, naturally. My clients have improved their health and reached their goal, whilst working with me.

I’ve worked long and hard to gain the knowledge and experience to show YOU healthy food, lifestyle habits and natural therapies to become the best version of yourself.   And I really want to support you on your journey to better health and hormones and your own personal health and life goals.

Love, Kathy x