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Ladies, I have developed a super selection of VIP health coaching packages for those who are ready, steady and willing to SERIOUSLY transform their health and hormones, naturally.

If what you see doesn’t exactly float your boat, get in touch and I will see what I can do to develop something especially for you, you lovely VIP.

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Love, Kathy x


If you’re worried about your health, hormones or fertility  and think you need a little Kathy MOT this is for YOU. Or if you know exactly where you are stuck with a very specific question these one off sessions are right up your street to move you forward.  Think a Kathy Kick Start!  Read more.


Choose this 3 month, introductory, 1-1 VIP coaching programme if you are ready to start tackling their horrible hormone symptoms like sucky cycles, expanding waistline, spotty skin and energy slumps.  Read more.



Bag the perfect 3 month, 1-1 VIP coaching programme for menopausal Misses who are seriously ready to transform from fed up, flushing and angsty.  Get your symptoms under control to look better, feel more confident, have more energy and fight the tummy bulge.  Read more



Choose this 3 month, 1-1 VIP coaching programme designed for couples who are planning a baby, want to get pregnant faster or who are struggling to get pregnant. Read more.







Sign up for this super duper 3 month, 1-1 VIP coaching programme for women who want to restore hormonal harmony, rude health, heaps of energy and happiness.  Read more