Hot Happening and Hormonal


Hot Happening and Hormonal


You’re flirty 30s or naughty 40s (even early 50s) and the “M” word, absolutely does NOT apply to you. Menopause. You’re not even PRE menopause, right?



You haven’t REALLY changed your habits, but your muffin top is making a bid for freedom over your jeans. And nothing is shifting it. Once you could lose pounds in a week.

Your skin is dry as dust or as spotty as an Angst- and-Acne-Ridden Teen. Your hair looks like straw.

Your cycle has gone haywire. And your boobs are sore and lumpy.

Sexy time? You’d rather have a nice cup of tea and watch the tellybox.

But hot drinks set off your hot flushes. GRRR. And you nod off during your fave soaps.

Once mild mannered, now you can go from Mary Poppins to full-on Bitch Troll From Hell in under 60 seconds.

And the worse sound you EVER hear is the alarm clock. You’d like every day to be a duvet day.

You seem to have more “senior moments” where you try to shoehorn the kettle in the fridge and leave milk curdling on the counter top.

Women your age are struggling with infertility, PMS and fibroids. WT Actual Flip is happening!?




Let’s take back control of our hormones, health and happiness. Naturally.

I have an answer … my online programme…Hot, Happening and Hormonal.





You REALLY are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You’ve had enough. And you want to crack on and start changing things right now. One step at a time.

You realise you can’t turn back time and recapture your (mis-spent?) youth, but you want to stay as young and vibrant as you can, for as long as you can. Who doesn’t? Nip things in the bud before you are menopausal. Shhh who mentioned the M word?

You kinda know what you should be doing to get back on track but you don’t know where to start. You need someone you show you the way. You need practical ideas you can use immediately. You need hand-holding. You need support. You need accountability. NOT the Health Police Boot Camp of Extreme Measures.


You’re just not ready YET. Your love for Chardonnay and chocolate is much stronger right now than your willingness to make changes for your health, hormones and happiness. That’s okay. No fear, shame and blame. Zero judgement. Come back when you ARE ready.
You are looking for a miracle quick fix. Sorry. No such thing. If you want to change your life, you need to start changing your habits for life. One baby step at a time. No-one expects you to go from zero to hero-ine overnight. Be the tortoise, not the hare.

You are a glass half empty kinda gal. This programme is about what we CAN do. It’s about how far we’ve come and looking forward to where we want to go. It’s about being positive. Celebrating successes. Supporting one another. With some gentle cajoling along the way.

I can’t promise you the lithe body and peachy skin of an energetic and sexy 18 year old (photoshopped and/or surgically enhanced) supermodel. Anyone who says they can, probably has their pants on fire.

I CAN promise to show you how to live a healthier and more hormonally balanced life in your flirty 30s and naughty 40s.

And not by becoming a lettuce-nibbling, Om-chanting, Gym Bunny. Unless that’s your goal.

Now IS your time to sparkle!

No more evenings and weekends slumped on the sofa, too tired and emotional and bleurgh to do anything else.

No more feeling like crap or looking like crap.

No more being a slave to “women’s troubles”.



NOTE: BUT, do check with your GP before you start any major changes to your lifestyle. It’s YOUR responsibility.

The contents of this programme are for information purposes only and do not constitute medical or psychological advice, opinion, diagnosis, or treatment.



The programme is online, via your computer. It’s easy to use. You can access it anytime and study at your own pace. No-one can see you. No-one checks up on you. There is no work to “hand in”. I may throw in a few cheeky challenges, if you want to join in.


Prework – KNOW

Why we should give a hoot about hormones
Your whole woman’s life in hormones
Get the Hot Happening Headspace
The Symptom Spotter Jotter
The Hot Happening and Hormonal Quiz
Setting ourselves up for success
Hot Happening and Hormonal Haven – SUPPORT

This Facebook MEMBERS ONLY group is YOUR haven. You are safe to hangout and pose any questions, ask for support, share experiences, celebrate successes with other women. Just like you. And me, I’ll be there too. Hangin’ with my hot, happening and hormonal homies.

Module 1 – EAT for balanced hormones

We ARE what we eat
The basics of a hormone friendly diet or “It’s Not All About The Kale”
The raw ingredients of a hormone friendly diet.
Ready steady cook – how to shop, cook and store
Additional resources
Cheeky challenge

Don’t be fooled – this is a meaty module and the cornerstone of the programme. It’s also suitable for vegetarians. *winks*

Module 2 – LIVE for balanced hormones

Move your butt
Get your zeds
Modern life mayhem a.k.a stress
Weighty matters – tips for weight management
Cheeky challenge

Module 3 – RISKS to your hormone balance

The trouble with alcohol
Smoking and why you should stub it out
Should I keep taking the tablets?
Recreational drugs – how much fun are they for women?
The hormone harmers in your cupboards
The sweet stuff
Cheeky challenge

Module 4 – SELF-CARE for a happier, healthier, more hormonally balanced you.

How to stay younger for longer
Is prevention better than cure?
Don’t be a Doctor Dodger
“Me Time”
Coming full circle
Cheeky challenge


This is where you will find fab BONUS materials to help you along your hot and happening way.



The programme is a 4 week introductory programme.


I’m a reformed former overweight, unfit, exhausted, hormonal, sick and cranky corporate stress-bunny turned women’s natural health and fertility coach.

I’ve either BEEN WHERE YOU ARE or I’m where you are now. I’ve navigated my way round the route from hormone-y harmony. I’m on that tour.

Heck, I wished this programme existed when I was an overweight, unfit, poorly, spotty, moody, hormonal, Corporate Stress Bunny. I’d have bought it myself!


And what do other women say about me?

” As someone in their late 30’s I had no idea that my hormones would change and effect me at this age. At first I thought there was something wrong with me, but after working through Kathy’s programme it is such a relief to learn I am not alone and this is all very ‘normal’.  The support in the group is priceless and I no longer feel stressed out about the changes going on right now. It’s great to talk to other women who are going through similar issues and Kathy is so professional and supportive. The programme itself is so easy to follow and Kathy’s kind, caring and professional manner makes it a joy to learn more. Thank you Kathy, I felt instantly better the moment I joined. “  Sarah C

 “(You) … got me motivated to keep on pushing with the self-care. I’ve made some MASSIVE changes that have got me back in working order and my hot flushes under control.“  Karen H

“I’m sleeping better, smiling more and getting things done in my house that have been on my list for two years.
This is working.  Thank you so much Kathy (and the other HOT ladies) for the on-going support and encouragement.”  Paula J








Love, Kathy x