Winter Skin Care – by Skin Guru Louise Thomas-Minns

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winter skin care

Winter Skin Care –  Guest Blog by Skin Guru Louise Thomas-Minns.

As Autumn fades and Winter arrives in its full force, it’s time to get ahead of the game. Yes,  the temperature outside is dropping and the heating is going on indoors.

We should always take into consideration the changes that seasons have on our skin’s health. Winter is no exception.

I’ve highlighted below some of the key tips for winter skin care  to ensure your skin stays on top form!


#1 Review Your Winter Skin Care Routine.

How do we know when it’s time to change up our daily skin routine?

You have to really listen to your skin. If your skin doesn’t feel comfortable then a product is not working as intended.

It’s time for a change!

Does your skin feel tight? Is your skin experiencing excessive flaking? Are you producing more oil than normal? Yes, dehydration/water loss increases oil within the skin.

If the products aren’t working any more, your skin will let you know.


#2 Perform Your Night Time Routine.

When the heat is on at night that means your skin has dry air blowing on it for about seven hours or more while you sleep.

The dry air looks for moisture wherever it can get it and that means taking it from your skin. A process of Osmosis.

This makes your night time skin care routine crucial in the winter so you can prevent unnecessary dryness.

Firstly turn down the thermostat a little and wear an extra layer or two.

You should be using a night time moisturiser that is appropriate for your skin type. Rule of thumb is water in oil if you are oily and oil in water if you’re drier.  Many clients believe their night time moisturiser has to be heavy, greasy or oil based to last through the night, but that is not always true.

The most important aspect of skin care is matching your products with your skin type so you’re giving your skin exactly what it needs.


#3 Use a Humidifier In Your Bedroom Especially if You Are Acne Prone.

Before switching to heavier products try out this secret, yet simple, solution.

Put a humidifier in your bedroom!

This trick will work, for both dry skin and those prone to outbreaks.

When we feel our skin getting dryer our first idea is to use a heavier, creamier moisturiser. For acne-prone skin a heavier product could contain “comedogenic” ingredients – it means they can increase clogged pores.  And no-one wants clogged pores with an already acne prone skin!

A humidifier will put more moisture into the air, which will regulate your bedroom’s environment. Your skin can grab more hydration without causing you to buy a new moisturiser.


#4 Incorporate More Products Into Your Winter Skin Care Routine.

The basics of just cleansing and moisturising may not be enough as your skin changes with the winter climate.

Applying moisturiser consistently is important.

BUT when your skin craves more hydration, the answer is not adding on extra layers of your moisturiser product.

The solution for alleviating tight, dry skin is using a specialty serum or elixir to accompany your moisturiser. Use the serum underneath your moisturiser to hydrate the skin because the damp skin will help to absorb your regular moisturiser more effectively.

Also use the 60 second rule. Get your serums and moisturisers onto your skin within 60 seconds of cleansing.

Why not add a drop of oil to your regular moisturiser if you still feel a bit parched?


I hope my top winter skin care tips help keep you looking and feeling great this winter. Get more hints, tips and recommendations on my website and social media including Facebook, Instagram and You Tube. The U and Your Skin Lounge – where we treat clients – is in Norwich, UK.

Love, Louise x


Louise Thomas-Minns
Celebrity skin therapist and company director
01603 633633

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