Why I Cried On Facebook Live

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Why I Cried On Facebook Live.

 Or “Warning: Loving Your Work Can Make Your Eyes Leak”


Facebook Live

I did a couple of Facebook Lives today. You know. The live video streaming feature on Facebook.

Nothing unusual about that though.  I’m often found on Facebook on my page, in the members only groups that are for my courses like Hot, Happening and Hormonal and also my free, private, fertility support group Footsteps to Fertility. I regularly broadcast live when inspo strikes.

To give tips and hints. Even recommendations. Answer questions. And share news.

It was there that was the scene my overwhelm.

I jumped onto Facebook Live because I had some lovely feedback from a very nice lady who bought my course to improve chances of natural conception or IVF success –  Fire Up Fertility .


Glowing Feedback

Now I didn’t jump on there to toot my own flute or blow my own trumpet …boast or puff up my chest. That’s not like me.

I was inspired by the feedback. The feedback on what she’s seen on the course so far. Which is only the welcome and the Prework (not really work, after all).

The feedback is not so much about the content. Although she said it’s awesome.  Shucks. It’s about support. Fertility support.


“… I wanted to send a thank you message to Kathy this morning. I have joined her new programme and have got stuck into some of the pre work this weekend, it is really wonderful. To have all of this knowledge about what me and hubby can do to help with our baby making is priceless…To have a safe place to come with other women who are feeling the same feelings (guilt, worry, sadness…and all the rest) is going to be super valuable to me, especially when I feel that I need the extra support. I am looking forward to learn more about what I can do to boost my fertility in the new programme, and if you are thinking about joining it, do it – it is awesome.”


She’s a lady who has been trying for a couple of years, no definite reason found for not falling pregnant and she doesn’t like to discuss it outside her marriage.

And bam, that’s it! Right there. 


The Huge Need for Fertility Support

Women and couples need information. Sure. Because they want to max their chances of falling pregnant or IVF success. I have that in spades.

AS importantly, they are looking for support.  A safe place to be and be accepted  however they are feeling. And it is often an emotional roller coaster.  Fertility support.

With no judgement. No fear, guilt, shame or blame.

Especially when the path to parenthood is private. And they don’t want to share it with their family or close friends, even.

AND when sometimes a woman doesn’t want to show her partner just how sad, disappointed, guilty and worried she’s feeling…we all like to protect the people we love. I know how tough it can be  to tell your partner you’re not pregnant again this month, when he just wants to be a Daddy.

Let’s not forget that for many couples the path to parenthood can also be long and full of challenges.

And Fire Up Fertility comes with it’s own, secret, private fertility support group just for members. That’s what she’s looking forward to.


The Holidays Are Coming

And look at the date – end of November.

I launched my course- by accident – just before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’m such a bloomin’ square I hadn’t realised. And it’s quite  new thing here in the UK.

NO, I launch it now because I’m aware that holidays and Christmas can be hard when you’re trying for a baby.

All the cute babies wearing Santa Hats or dressed as Elves. The “baby’s first Christmas” gifts and cards in the shops.

Spending more time with friends and family. Some you haven’t seen for ages.

The well-meaning – but insensitive – questions about when you’re gong to have a baby. That make you want to cry, scream and run away.

The bumping into other couples who are pregnant and excited. And finding it hard to be happy for them. Then feeling like a bad person because you can’t be happy. You’re NOT a bad person, by the way.

Or the silence…that elephant in the room ..when people ignore that fact you’re trying to get pregnant, but have been really struggling.

The need for fertility support is greater than ever.


Crying Live

And so I was talking about this on Facebook, when a wave of emotion washed over me. I could feel love and warmth bubbling inside my chest and tears pricking my eyes. Welling up. My voice was thin and wobbly.

It was noticeable. I had to mention it. I was a little embarrassed, but not sorry.

I’ll never apologise for caring about people. For caring about what I do. I’m not sorry for my empathy and understanding. No matter what.

I cried on Facebook Live and I don’t care about that.


My Mission

I CARE about helping other people.

The women and couples who are looking for information and support on their journey to become parents.

And all the women with hormone issues, cycle problems, pre menopause signs, menopause symptoms that just want their life back and to be in harmony, not hormone-y.

My mission in life is to support women and couples to protect, nurture and boost fertility, hormones, health and happiness.  It’s why I do what I do. Why I get out of bed every day.

It’s why – I think – I’m here.

So I cried on Facebook Live.


Love, Kathy x

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