Here are our current pregnancy and childbirth support programmes. If you are interested in arranging something tailored just for you OR you have any questions, please contact me right here, right now.

Prepare for Childbirth Package

Prepare for a better birth, with this specially formulated package. Feel better prepared, supported – nurtured even – with our programme. Or buy it as a gift for a very special expectant couple.

The programme is suited to those who:-

  • Would like to prepare themselves physically and mentally for childbirth
  • Choose to learn acupressure for natural pain relief.
  • Prefer natural remedies to conventional interventions.
  • Favour natural induction support – if needed – over conventional methods.

For your investment in your health and fertility, you get:-

  • 4 Acupuncture sessions in the Multibed Clinic
  • A VIP Acupressure lesson with Rebecca for you and your birthing partner to learn natural pain relief.
  • A homeopathic kit containing remedies homeopaths most commonly use with women and the birthing partners before, during and after the birth.   Kit is worth £27.
  • A VIP session with Kathy for you and your birthing partner on how to best use the homeopathic kit.
  • 2 VIP Acupuncture sessions with Rebecca if your baby is “overdue” and you are concerned about conventional induction.  (Fee will be reimbursed if this is not needed).

PRICE is £315


You can pay £315 by clicking on the button above.