Are you a Midlife Miss? Menopausal Maven? Maybe a Perimenopause Princess? Me too! And I’m managing mine MARVELLOUSLY and naturally.  And I’m happy to share my secrets.         

Hey, you marvellous and mature minxes, are you: –

  • Sick of hearing “it’s your age”?
  • Tired of being told it’s “women’s problems”?
  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
  • Suffering horrible symptoms?  Furnace–hot flushes, mood swings, low sex-drive, nasty night-sweats, dryness?
  • About to scream at the next numpty who says “it’s JUST your hormones”?
  • Wondering what the heck happened to you?

The menopause may be a life transition not an illness, BUT peri-menopause and menopause symptoms are no laughing matter and can affect many aspects of your life.   

I know: I’m in perimenopause! And I’m managing my own “change of life” just fine and dandy, thanks. 

The Change of Life

Ch-ch-changes … just because you’ve always done okey doke living the way you choose until now, doesn’t mean the same habits will suit you as you approach “the Change of Life”.

Want to be a Menopause Thriver rather than a Menopause Surviver?  It’s time to adopt new, healthy habits and take the best care of yourself … because you’re worth it.

You deserve to be treated as a whole, unique and special sister as you transition to the wonderful, warm, wise, well (maybe a little wicked?) woman, YOU know you really are. 

Don’t be defined by the “M” word, lovely ladies.

Managing the Menopause Naturally

Eating a healthy diet, chillaxing, sleeping well, avoiding toxins and chemicals and gentle regular exercise can really help us grow a little older gracefully, gorgeously and glowing, girls!

You can choose natural and safe therapies for menopause and the Foresight programme to support you too.

Of course, if symptoms get worse, persist or really worry you, check it out with your doctor for guidance and options.

What to Do Next or Menopause Solutions

If you’re looking for great tips on how to manage your menopause naturally with self-care, check out my FREE report 10 Surprising Signs of Haywire Hormones and Hacks to Help and look at my blog.

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When you’re ready to learn more and take action, you’ll need to check out my programmes – coming soon!

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