Liz Lalor Fertility Programme

I am fully trained in the Liz Lalor Fertility Programme.  There are still very few UK practitioners and I feel blessed to have studied with her in London in 2010.

Liz Lalor is a brilliant Australian Homeopath, Naturopath and author who has developed a preconception care programme to support female fertility and reproductive health.

Her programme is based on good nutrition, lifestyle changes, supplements, herbs and a specific programme of homeopathic remedies which homeopaths believe work gently together.

The programme begins with a full case-taking followed by specific guidance on food, fertility-supporting supplements, herbs and your own homeopathic programme.

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I choose homeopathic remedies according to your particular health history, any diagnosis and test results, your symptoms and how you feel in yourself.

It usually runs for 4 months and – according to Liz – is best suited to women under age 42.  She and her trained practitioners generally enjoy good results with women under age 42.

I offer this on it’s own or as part of my VIP Programmes (virtual and in person in Norwich, Norfolk) for preconception care.  Get in touch if you would like more information.