How To Live A Fertility Friendly Lifestyle

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How To Live A Fertility Friendly Lifestyle.

Are you trying to get pregnant? You’ve come to a great place for free hints tips, recommendations, recipes, and articles. Plus paid classes, courses and coaching!

In fact my super course Fire Up Fertility launched recently.

It’s EVERYTHING women and couples need to know to boost health to fire up fertility. Everything to live a fertility friendly lifestyle.  And reduce risks in pregnancy and to baby health. It’s super-self care.


Fertility Road

There’s another fab place that I know. It’s called Fertility Road and it’s an online and paper magazine.  And it’s a brilliant resource for anyone trying to get pregnant, whether you’re struggling or not.  It’s always packed with information on :-


  • diet and lifestyle
  • natural therapies
  • research
  • assisted techniques and other options.


More fertility friendly lifestyle guidance!

I have written serval articles for them on boosting fertility naturally. I’m an expert regular contributor.  I’m honoured.


A Fertility Friendly Lifestyle

Here’s another of my articles for Fertility Road.  This time it’s all about why EVERYONE planning a bubba should live a fertility friendly lifestyle. Conceiving naturally or via IVF.

What a fertilityfriendly lifestyle IS.

And HOW TO start living a fertility friendly lifestyle.

It’s called Living a Fertility Friendly Lifestyle.



The course Fire Up Fertility goes into much more detail AND offers real, practical tips to do straight away to start making a difference. To start taking control on the path to parent. And boost natural health to max natural fertility. To reduce risk in pregnancy and to baby health.


In case it passed you by, here is the Fertility Road article link again…




Grab a brew, pull up a pew and have a good read.  Let’s fire up fertility.

Love, Kathy x

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