Footsteps to Fertility – Private, Online, FERTILITY SUPPORT Group

Are you planning a baby?

Maybe you’ve been struggling to conceive? And you’re still trying to fall pregnant naturally. Or you’ve chosen IVF or another fertility treatment.

Perhaps you only just started trying and you’re unsure what to do …aside from the obvious *rolls eyes*.  Oh and you’ve heard the woman is supposed to take something called folic acid?

You could be at the “twinkle in the eye” stage.  You want to have a baby, but you feel like you should clean up your act before you even start trying.   You want to improve your health and therefore boost fertility.

Well, you all have one thing in common – planning a baby. You’re all on the path to parenthood. The routes may be different.  Some roads may be tougher than others. But you’re all focussed on the same goal.

And I know get that people don’t advertise the fact, especially if they are finding it really tough or have been given a diagnosis of infertility.

People have been telling me they don’t always want to join my public Facebook page or post questions there, because they don’t want other people to see them. I get it. Totally.

In response to feedback that people trying to conceive might like a little privacy, a dollop of support and guidance and a whole heap of understanding, I set up a private and free Facebook group.

It’s called Footsteps to Fertility.


Footsteps To Fertility


It’s a place to hang out. To ask questions. To get support. To offer encouragement. To learn. To share. To be a community. I’d certainly like to create a community.

I hope to see as  many of you as possible there very soon.

Share it with anyone you know, who might need support, encouragement and understanding on their journey.

Here’s the link again.

Love, Kathy x