10 Hot Flush Hacks for the Marvellous and Mature


10 Hot Flush Hacks


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“I don’t have hot flashes, I have short, private vacations in the tropics.” IS THIS YOU?

You may be naughty forties or nifty fifties, but your life is plagued by hot flushes and your sleep is ruined by sweats.  Your partner’s sleep may be ruined too.

Whilst you’re laughing on the outside, on the inside you’re uncomfortable, anxious and embarrassed.

What happened to the woman you once were? You want HER back.

Never fear, download for FREE this guide to giving hot flushes the heave-ho, the natural way.  No expensive or fancy equipment, ingredients or other stuff needed.  SIGN UP BOX is just to the left here.

It just wings it’s way to your inbox for you to read at your leisure.  You’ll want to get cracking though and start  to reduce the hot flushes straight away.

Love, Kathy x