Exhausted.  Flagging.  Pooped.  Worn out.  Knackered.  Done in.  Jiggered.  Beat.

You are tired all the time.

Your “get-up-and-go” has got up and gone.

You wake up exhausted, wanting to fling your alarm out of the bedroom window and hunker under the duvet all bloomin’ day, week, month …

You’re fuelled by caffeine and even then you barely limp through the day at home/work/college. Your body is battered, your mind foggy and your fuse is very short.

At the end of your day, you flop dead beat on the sofa scoffing sugary snacks and and swigging Sauvignon Blanc and sometimes you’re even pushing out zeds right in the middle of Holby City.  You can barely summon the energy to put out the cat and go to bed. And it’s the very same the next day and the next…

Your general lethargy is seriously affecting every thing. Your quality of life is at an all time low.

Does this ring any bells?


Need More Pep in Your Step?

It really doesn’t have to be this way. 

Want to be more Duracell Bunny than Sleeping Beauty?  It’s time to adopt new, healthy habits and take the best care of yourself … because you’re worth it. 

You deserve to be treated as a whole, unique and special lady with plenty of TLC and R&R to make you feel AOK PDQ. 

Get More Energy 

Eating a healthy diet, sleeping well, rest and relaxation, avoiding toxins and chemicals and gentle regular exercise can really help us recharge our batteries, gorgeous girls. 

You can choose natural and safe therapies to boost energy and the Foresight programme to support you too.

Of course, if symptoms get worse, persist or really worry you, check it out with your doctor for guidance and options.

What to do next or energy boosting solutions

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