Christmas Without Weight Gain

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christmas without weight gain

Christmas Without Weight Gain

In 2008, I lost almost 3 STONES between summer and the start of December.  TRUE FACT.

By learning the calorie and nutrition value of foods, clean eating and moving my sorry butt.  Mainly dog walking, zumba and wii-fit.  Never saw the inside of a gym.

I didn’t want to pile on pounds over Christmas, so I learned some sneaky secrets and put on NOTHING.


I want to share my 12 Ways You Won’t Gain Weight This Christmas a.k.a. Christmas Without Weight Gain.


To save you time and eyestrain, the FIRST 6 TIPS ARE IN THIS BLOG.

You see, this was becoming a VERY, VERY LONG POST.  So I trimmed it and made you a PDF of all 12 tips to read at your convenience.

The full 12 tips for Christmas Without Weight Gain are available to DOWNLOAD RIGHT HERE.

Read at your leisure. I know you’re busy.


I know you’re skeptical. You’re thinking … I have as much chance of managing weight as George Clooney arriving down my chimney with cartier diamonds in his swag bag.

But it IS possible not to gain weight with a bit of forward planning.  And these simple strategies I’m about to share with you. Your friends and family probably won’t even notice, so there’s no chance of being called a Big Old Grinch.

And you’ll be applying the golden 80/20 rule so won’t feel like a Bah Humbug Bore either. By that, I mean have healthy habits at least 80% of the time, all the time.

So what are my top tips?


1.  Never Go Out Hungry

So, never visit the supermarket when you’re hungry or you’ll end up stockpiling food like the shops are shut until Groundhog Day.  Christmas is only ONE day.  And you may be tempted to finish it ALL rather than waste it.

Buy only the food that you’re going to need plus a couple of festive treats. A couple. That’s two. Or less.

You’re also more likely to make poor choices if you’re ravenous when you’re shopping. Stay away from the BOGOF offers on salty snacks and the dustbin-sized tins of sweeties. And no-one really needs to buy the European Cheese mountain, do they?

Excess food including unwanted presents can be saved or donated.  Read tip number 11 in the download.

Also never go out to a party or event hungry. Have a little nutritious snack before you go out to stop yourself hoovering up the canapés or having second …even third ..helpings.

If you DO arrive hungry, drink a glass of water before you start scoffing to take the edge off hunger.

2.  Buffet Like A Boss

Wanna know how to buffet like a boss?

First of all, step away from the buffet! Don’t stand next to it. You’ll be less tempted to pick.

Choose the smallest plate you can find.

Don’t stack it up. Think “bungalow buffet” with single storey snacks, not a towering skyscraper of sausage rolls.

Count your canapés. Yep, keep score or keep the cocktail sticks and then you’ll deffo know how many you troughed.

Pick your picky food wisely.  Protein is a good option as it fills you up, so chicken or prawns or hummus would be great. Avoid the fatty, sauce-laden, cheesey, pastry covered, cream filled snacks. And the diabetes-inducing desserts.

Go for the garnish. When I worked in a corporate environment where there were plenty of gut-busting buffets, I was often found chomping on the lettuce, tomato and cucumber plate garnish.  If there are veggies and fruits, get those.

Avoid second or third helpings.

Indeed, you could NOT eat buffet at all. *whispers* I sometimes go to parties and celebrations and NEVER EAT A THING. I eat before I go and then just have a couple of drinks and some water. I hold my husband’s plate so everyone thinks I had some. I am so BUSTED now.

3.  Serve and Eat Restaurant Styley

When we go out to eat in restaurants, we are given a portion – okay the size of the portion does depend on the restaurant.  See point 9.

You’re likely to eat less if you are served a normal portion of food in the kitchen and your plate is brought to the table.  Serving dishes are left in the kitchen. Platters and serving dishes may look beautiful on the (groaning) table, but folks are more likely hoover it up and end up eating waaaayyyyyy more than they need.

If you’re a hostess this year, please bear this in mind. You can still offer second helpings to people who really want them, so no-one will think you’re a Scrooge. You can really help Christmas Without Weight Gain.

4. Limit the Alcohol

At the risk of sounding like a party pooper, limit the booze if you want Christmas Without Weight Gain.

It’s not just about the sugar, blood sugar spikes and calories…it’s about control.

If you’re a bit squiffy you’re more likely to reach for the profiteroles with a devil-may-care attitude. If you’re full on wasted, you might get a kebab on the way home.

We can sometimes feel out of place without a drink on our hand, so if you can’t face just drinking water or people are pressurising you, try a mocktail or even just soda water with ice and lemon.  It looks remarkably like a vodka tonic.

Have you seen my recipe for Mulled Apple Juice? Delicious and non alcoholic.

Better still, be the Designated Driver and then no-one pressures you into boozing.

If you know you’re going to have a couple of drinks, choose wisely. White spirits with a little fresh juice or a non artificial sweetener packed mixer.  A wine spritzer. Red wine and champagne even have some health helping properties.

Break convention. Always choose a tall thin glass.  Studies show that we pour less liquid into them than short stocky glasses.

5.  Don’t “Lick the Bowl”

Woman licking batter bowl

Hands up who can’t resist this?  *blushes and raises hand*

But you know that saying, right? “Little pickers wear bigger knickers”.  So true.

For Christmas Without Weight Gain, don’t lick the bowl.

Taste test when cooking, but be sensible.  And there’s no need to eat FOUR home-made mince pies to see if they’re okay, is there?

‘Nuff said.

6.  Make or Take Your Own

Rather than play “guess the ingredients ” or attempt to “calorie count” every dish at parties or other people’s homes, bring a dish of your own.

Not only will you know you’re eating something healthy and nutritious but you’ll look like a Jolly Good Egg.



You KNOW you got this. You CAN have Christmas Without Weight Gain.

You read the first 6 super secrets.  For all 12 tips download your guide here.

Love, Kathy x

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