Christmas Is Coming – Do You STILL Want to Look and Feel This Way?

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Christmas IS coming

Christmas Is Coming – Do You STILL Want to Look and Feel This Way?

Christmas IS coming.

Have you noticed the nip in the air?

Most people have had their summer holidays.

Kids are going back to school and college.

Blackberries are ripening in the hedgerows.

My house is filled with loads of spiders – if I charged them rent I’d be a gazillionnaire!

It’s about 18 weeks until Christmas.  Christmas IS coming. Sorry NOT sorry. For mentioning the C word.


How Was Your Summer?

So how was your summer?

Were you one of the women posting a-m-a-z-i-n-g pictures on social media?

Glowing with health. Brimming with energy.

Looking and feeling your best self.

Swimming. Walking. Cycling.  Having fun.


Maybe you were blotchy and bloated.

Hiding a multitude of sins under baggy t shirts and massive sunglasses.

Slumped on the sofa eating Ben and Jerrys – damn the cravings!  And the tiredness.

Hugging the fan due to flushes and night sweats.

Or the toilet with horrible, heavy periods.

Blaming the heat for your moods and mardiness.

Wishing it was Winter already to wear legging, boots and oversized tunics … with a huge hat …and a duffle coat.


Christmas IS Coming But Are The Winds of Change?

Well, Winter will be here sooner than you think.  Christmas is coming.

And sure, we could all hide our belly under jumpers and eyebags under Touche Eclat.


BUT there’d still be the mood swings, the cravings, the period problems, the terrible skin, the “tropical moments”…


Yes, you could spend December eating your body weight in Cadburys Roses (replacing the tin a few times, because you keep eating them).  Damn the cravings.

Huddled on the sofa because a) you don’t want to be seen and b) you are totally knackered anyway.

Dreading Crimbo parties because nothing fits and your skin and hair look rubbish.

STILL with the fan going as well as the central heating – ahh that rollercoaster of flush and freezing.

Wondering if your super sized sanitary towel is visible through your skinny jeans.

Falling out with family before The Big Day because you’re angry, ansty and anxious. Always.

Hoping no-one kisses you under the mistletoe and brushes the stray hairs on your chin.


…unless we do something about it.


Christmas is coming. But it DOESN’T have to be like that.

Take action.  On it like a car bonnet.  Make positive changes.

It’s about 18 weeks to Christmas as I type. PLENTY of time to tame hormone havoc. A good while – really – to get a grip on modern life madness.

If we start NOW. And take baby steps. With support. And encouragement. And a positive attitude.


NOW is a GOOD Time

And now is good time.

Well, ANY time is a good time to make positive change but September is great.

You most likely had your holiday.

BBQ and Pimms and ice cream season is pretty much over.

The kids are back to school and college.

It’s time for YOU my lovely. Because you’re worth it.


How Can I Help?

I have been there, seen it, done it, got the T shirt.  I’m a Menopausal Maven now.

I know some top tips and helpful hints that can improve health, balance hormones and help YOU look and feel like your best self. Naturally.

Not by the Bootcamp of Extreme Measures either.

By sensible, steady changes.

You’ll find a wealth of support in my blogs, classes, courses and coaching.  I’m your Wellbeing Fairy Godmother.



Let’s all have Hot, Happening and less Hormonal Christmases. From September.

Love, Kathy x








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