Healthy Hot Chocolate KP Styley


Healthy Hot Chocolate KP Styley.

Come on, who doesn’t love a big, steamy, milky, luxurious mug of hot chocolate?

Warming?  Feels like a hug in a mug?  Hits you with your chocolate fix?

Am I right?

Well, I’m here to tell you you can have ALL that, but you can make it much healthier. IF you don’t shovel marshmallows on it, that is.  And that’s not such a buzzkill.

Here’s my take on healthy hot chocolate.  KP style.

This is spicy, healthy hot chocolate and it’s totally yummy. It’s not a gut-busting, heart stopping bucket of cream, sugar and chocolate. It even contains HORMONE-HELPING maca powder.

Lets’s start with the chocolate or in this case – raw cacao.


Raw Cacao

Cacao is a nut. Chocolate is made from the nut.  Cacao is rich in magnesium, chromium, iron, manganese and much more! A powerhouse of health and fertility fuelling nutrients.  A so-called superfood.

Not so much when it’s processed into chocolate..unless it’s 70% plus cocoa solids dark chocolate.

But you can buy raw organic cacao as a power in health stores. I get mine from Superfoodies.  It’s generally better for you than processed hot chocolate powder or commercial cocoa powder. Check the labels.

Now lets’s also say a few words about hormone-helping Maca.


Maca Powder

So bloomin’ hormone helping I wrote  a whole blog on it!

This creamy, white powder balances hormones, Increases vim and vigour…including sperm count!  It’s protein packed, although not a complete protein.

It tastes like butterscotch to me. Totally yummy.

So onto the recipe.


Recipe – Ingredients for One

1 mug of organic milk or non dairy milk – I find almond milk or hazelnut milk works well.

1-2 tablespoons raw organic cacao powder

1 teaspoon maca powder (mine also from Superfoodies )

Sweeten to taste – I use a small pitta date when I blend it OR 1/2-1 tsp rice syrup, honey, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar., …whatever you choose. Avoid white sugar and artificial sweetener, preferably as they are not good for health and hormones.

Pinch cayenne, ground ginger/ground cinnamon to taste  – OPTIONAL



Recipe – Method

whisking healthy hot chocolate

Warm your milk gently in a pan.  Don’t boil it.

Either whisk in the the ingredients as above OR better still, blend up in your blender to make it super frothy and creamy. I use my super duper, super affordable Froothie blender.

Sprinkle with raw cacao or cinnamon.


Play around with the recipe to find your own version …and enjoy!


This will warm the cockles of your heart as my old Granny used to say. And you can wind it in, smugly, knowing it’s healthy hot chocolate too!



Quinoa Porridge – Breakfast Hug in a Bowl

quinoa porridge breakfast hug in abowlQuinoa Porridge – Breakfast Hug in a Bowl.

This is one of my fave breakfasts EVER!


Quinoa is pronounced “keen wah”.  It’s not a grain, but a seed. In the same family as chard, spinach and beets.
So a fab alternative to wheat and other grains. It causes less allergic reactions in people, than other grains. You can get red or white.
It’s mainly grown in South America and has been part of the native people’s diet for thousands of years.
When you cook it, it gets little tails, like sperm. It is slightly crunchy but soft… if that doesn’t sound weird? It tastes nutty.
It’s jam-packed with good nutrition.  It’s quite high in protein good for everyone including vegetarians and vegans. Quinoa is a good source of calcium, magnesium and manganese,  B vitamins, Vitamin E and fibre.

You can make into breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It’s very versatile.

Okay, so quinoa is a bit more pricey than porridge oats, but it’s good to ring the changes and treat yourself where you can.

Quinoa Porridge

The porridge requires a little bit of prep.

I can see you busy bees and kitchen dodgers paling at that, but don’t write it off just yet. It’s worth a tiny bit of stove time. I’ll let you into a secret…cook the quinoa the night before and put it in the fridge. In fact, I batch cook it so I can make it into yummy salads and porridge for the next couple of days. Simples.

Quinoa Porridge – Ingredients for 2 Servings.

150g uncooked quinoa
350ml water
100ml non dairy milk like almond milk (vegan) or organic milk
1/2 tsp good vanilla extract
1 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tbsp dried cranberries, sultanas or currants
honey or sweetener to taste

Quinoa Porridge – Method

1. Rinse the quinoa well in cold, running water.
2. Combine with 350 millilitres of water and simmer for 10 to 12 minutes or until tender, when the little white ”tails” appear. Drain off any excess water, and return to the pan.
3. Add the milk, vanilla, cinnamon, dried fruit and honey or sugar to taste and simmer very gently for five minutes.
4. Top with fresh, raw, dried or poached fruits, nuts and seeds, and serve your porridge.

I love this on cold, wintry days to ring the changes from my egg based breakfasts, pancakes or other porridges. I really don’t enjoy eating the same thing every day and it’s good to vary your diet to max the nutrients you’re taking in.
Let me know, if you make this or post me  picture on my Facebook page.  I love to see your creations and hear if you like my recipe suggestions.

My Comforting Chicken Soup Recipe


comforting chicken soup recipe


Comforting Chicken Soup Recipe.

You’ve heard all the cliches about people eating chicken soup when they’re feeling poorly or down?

Maybe they’re cliches because chicken soup IS good for you. And good for the soul.

The ingredients are sooooooo nourishing and … well … it is warming, comfort food.

I’m a Geordie (from the North East of England for my overseas readers –  like Sting) and my Granny was Irish. I make and snarf “chicken broth”.  It’s just soup.  But boy, what a soup.

I make a mahoosive cauldron of the stuff and have tasty lunches during a busy week or freeze it.  And them I feel a bit smug knowing I have  a freezer full of yummy goodness when I’m busy or just CBA. Yeah, even I CBA ,sometimes.


It’s got :-

  • Good quality protein to balance blood sugar, energy, hormones and mood.
  • Bone broth or proper stock for a mega boost of health, hormone and fertility boosting minerals in a form that our bodies absorb easily. It’s also said to be good for gut health and supercharging immunity – great for warding off coughs and colds.
  • Heaps of nutritious roots and other veggies for health, hormones and fertility.  Packed with poop plumping fibre too.
  • Hormone balancing legumes in the form of split, dried peas.
  • Healthy fats in the coconut or olive oil.
  • Nutritious carbs in pearl barley and the roots.


Chicken Soup Ingredients

Makes about 6 large bowls or 8-10 smaller bowls.


Chopped veggies for chicken soup


Leftover cooked, plain chicken or chopped raw (organic) chicken thighs or legs. No need to buy pricey chicken breast unless you want to. If choosing chicken thighs and legs, I buy one packet of skinless and boneless thighs so maybe 4 large thighs ..a little goes a long way.

75g pearl barley

75g split peas

2tbs coconut oil OR olive oil

2.5 litres (at least) of bone broth or quality chicken stock.  I often add 500ml bone broth and then top up with water.   You could use a stock cube or liquid but you’ll missing out on some top nutrition.

1 large onion

1 large leek, washed (get the grit out!)

2 small turnips

1 small swede or half larger swede

3 medium-large carrots

2 tablespoons fresh, chopped parsley

salt and pepper to taste


Chicken Soup Method

  1. Presoak the pearl barley and split peas according to the packet instructions
  2. Finely dice all the veggies – you may want a partner, kids or mate to help.
  3. Chop your cooked or raw chicken (never mix the two) into small bite sized pieces.
  4. Melt your chosen oil in a big old pan. Add chopped onion and leek and cook on a medium-low heat until soft but not brown. Expect this to take 5-10 mins.
  5. Add the bone broth or stock.
  6. If you’re using raw chicken add that now and ,simmer for about 20 mins.  If not go to step 7.
  7. Add the barley and peas and simmer for about 30 mins.
  8. Add the other veggies and parsley and chicken if you’re using pre-cooked chicken.
  9. Add more hot water as you’re cooking it, if it’s getting too gloopy.
  10. Simmer until your veggies and pulses are tender. How long depends on how big your veggies are and how well soaked your barley and peas were.
  11. Season and serve.
  12. Snarf with crackers or good quality bread.  Mr P makes a fine sourdough which is lovely fresh or toasted.

Recipe keeps for a few days in the fridge or is suitable for freezing.


cooking chicken soup


Please let me know how you get along or better still post some pics on my Facebook page.



Quick Breakfasts for Busy Women

Quick Breakfasts for Busy Women

Quick Breakfasts for Busy Women.

I can see there’ll be A LOT of eye rolling at this.  Quick breakfasts.

“I’m far too busy for breakfast”

“YOU try getting  your family out on time AND make and eat a healthy breakfast”

“You gotta be kidding me”

“*!++@> off!”


I’ve heard them all, when I suggest that breakfast is kinda important.

Important for women.  Everyone, in fact.

Important for blood sugar, energy, mood, brain power, weight and hormones. And MORE.  Learn the benefits of breakfast here in this fab blog.


But I get it. I too have to wear my pants on the outside of my tights in the morning …

… making Mr P a quick cuppa and a small protein packed smoothie

… making him a really good lunch on the days he’s at his office (his coworkers snicker at his non BPA tubs of fresh goodies)

… shoving him into the car and pointing him  the railway station /his office

… walking mutts

… feeding mutts

… emptying the dishwasher

… tidying kitchen

… thinking about dinner

… getting myself ready

… making the bed

… gathering my work

… eating my own quick breakfasts

… cramming washing into the machine

… YOU get the picture.  You feel like you’ve done a days work and it’s not even close to 9am.


I do understand that it’s so much easier to..

a) Have NO breakfast, just wash and go

b) Just slurp down a mug of coffee as big as your head

c) Wind in a doorstep of white toast with margarine and a big fat dollop of sugary jam


It doesn’t have to be this way. There are quick breakfasts that are nutritious breakfasts.

Here are some of my own go-to quick breakfast. Perfect for busy women. Vary your brekkie for nutrition and to avoid getting stuck in a breakfast rut.


Overnight Oats 1 Serving

This is easy peasy and you can pimp it up how you like. No cooking and it’s really filling. Even kids will eat this. And oats are pretty cheap. You can even take this to work with you!


  • 1/3 cup rolled oats (organic ideally)
  • 1/3 – 1/2 cup (depends how thick you like it) organic milk or non dairy milk e.g. I love almond milk in mine
  • 1/3 cup plain organic Greek yogurt OR a little extra milk OR Cashew Cream (whatever you prefer)




  1. Buy yourself a kilner jar or other pretty jar … because you’re soooo worth it. And we eat with our eyes too.
  2. Shove the ingredients into the jar and soak them in the fridge overnight for the magic to happen.
  3. Get creative! You can add 1/2 chopped banana or 1/3 cup fruit or fruit puree, chopped nuts, seeds, shredded unsweetened coconut, dried fruits, nut butter, maca powder stirred in (hormone balancing), cacao nibs/a little grated dark chocolate/stir in some cacao powder or even spices like a pinch of cinnamon or a little vanilla paste.  If you need a little extra sweetness honey or maple syrup or date paste is good.
  4. Scoop it down with a smug look on your face knowing it took less than 5 minutes and it’s doing you the power of good


Chia Seed Pudding 2 -3 Servings

Another super simple one you can take with you. You’ll find chia seeds at health stores or online. They are more pricey.  But are protein, fibre and nutrient packed little powerhouses.


  • 1 and 1/2 cups organic milk or non dairy milk e.g. almond milk, coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup chia seeds
  • 1 – 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup or honey, to taste


  1. Grab your cute kilner jar.
  2. Shove the ingredients into the jar, STIR REALLY WELL and soak them in the fridge overnight for the magic to happen.
  3. Go go go with the toppings again!
  4. Enjoy!

Note: it’s really yummy with coconut milk and tropical fruits with coconut shards and chopped nuts. OR make it chocolatey with cacao powder, some cinnamon and a little vanilla.


Chia Seed Pudding


Avocado Toast 1 Serving

I know it’s toast. Yay!  But not just any old toast. It’s important to get good bread.  Not the usual supermarket stuff.  Read the truth about your supermarket loaf … even the ones marketed as healthy and wholegrain!

I prefer sourdough as it’s natural yeasts and left to prove of a longer time, so easier to digest and full of flavour.  Sure, it will cost more money.  If your budget is tight, buy it when its cheap and freeze it.  Or make your own at the weekends and freeze it.  Mr P makes 6 loaves at a time and freezes them.


  • 1-2 slices sourdough bread toasted or another healthy loaf from a bakers
  • 1 small avocado
  • Extra virgin olive oil to drizzle
  • Squeeze lemon or lime juice
  • A sprinkle of chopped red chilli and fresh coriander (optional)


  1. Make your toast
  2. Smoosh up your avocado all over the toast
  3. Top with a drizzle of oil and lemon or lime juice.
  4. Sprinkle with chilli and herbs if you’re using them.
  5. Scoff down.  The crunchy toast with the creaminess of the avocado is delicious.

Sometimes, I sprinkle my avotoast with a tiny crumble of organic feta and a grind of pepper instead of chilli end herbs.  Feta adds protein.


Smoothie 1 Serving

Play around and make some blends that you love!  This is a basic guide to making your own recipes.


  • 2/3rds mug liquid – choose from organic milk, non dairy milk, coconut water, juice, yoghurt, kefir …
  • 3/4 mug fruit – choose from banana, berries, mango, stone fruit, melon ….
  • 1 tbs protein – choose from organic yoghurt, cashew nuts, chia seeds, nut butter, ground flax seeds, organic protein powder, quinoa flakes …
  • Make sure it has some healthy fats e.g cashews, nut butter, chia seed, 1 tsp coconut oil, 1/2 avocado, ground flax seeds …
  • To go “green” add a handful of spinach leaves or other greenery (spinach has less flavour so easier to “hide”)
  • Pimp it up with some superfoods like maca (hormone balancing), “greens” powders, spices like vanilla or cinnamon, cocoa/cacao powder …


Whizz it all up in a blender or food processor.  I use my Froothie blender for mine .

And schhhluuuurrpppppp.

It takes longer to wash up the blender than to make these super dooper quick breakfasts.

I have my Kapow Chocolate Chilli Smoothie recipe here.



Buckwheat Pancakes 2 Large or 4 Smaller Servings

I know pancakes takes yonks eh?

Well these DO take longer than 5 minutes to make and cook, but guess what? I make them on a Sunday and freeze them for the week ahead and then you could warm them in the toaster or microwave them (I prefer not to microwave, so toaster zap them).

Watch me making my pancakes right here – the ingredients and method are also included.


So come on lovely ladies, give some of these quick breakfasts a go. You won’t look back. Your health, hormones, energy levels and happiness with thank you for it. Your family may even thank you.

If you try any recipes, post a picture on my Facebook page and let me know how you get on.  I love to see your ideas and creations too.






Kapow Chilli Chocolate Smoothie

Kapow Chilli Chocolate Smoothie

Kapow Chilli Chocolate Smoothie.

This chilli, espresso and chocolate smoothie is a real pick-me-up in the morning.  It smacks you round the chops.  That’s why I called it “kapow”.

It does contain espresso so maybe not suitable for everyone. I enjoy a little coffee every now and again.

The recipe contains a few “sirt foods” – these are foods containing compounds called sirtuins. Sirtuins protect the cells in our bodies from dying or inflammation through illness. Research shows they can help boost metabolism, build muscle and burn fat. They are being  called the new “superfoods”.

For more info see The Sirt Food Diet byAidan Goggins and top UK Nutritional Therapist (from my hometown of Norwich) Glen Matten.

Ingredients for Kapow Chilli Chocolate Smoothie

250ml homemade almond milk

1 shot espresso COOLED ( mine wasn’t too strong and is from home-ground organic beans)

1 large ripe banana

1 medjool date

1-2 tbs raw cacao powder ( I get mine here)

Pinch cayenne pepper (as hot as you like)

Birds eye chilli to taste (as hot as you like)

1/4 tsp matcha powder

1/4 tsp turmeric


Method for Kapow Chilli Chocolate Smoothie

Whizz it up in a blender.  Mine is called Flick and she’s a super dooper fast Froothie blender.  Read more here.

I sometimes sprinkle a tiny bit of chopped chilli on the top

Slurp and enjoy, as it smacks you round the chops.




P.S. Contains affiliate link. I only recommend a handful of products and services that I REALLY think are great.

Buckwheat Pancakes Recipe

 Buckwheat Pancakes Recipe

Buckwheat Pancake Recipe.


Watch this YouTube Vlog to learn the secrets of this simple, gluten free, daily free recipe for Buckwheat Pancakes.

Buckwheat Pancakes

A perfect healthier alternative to normal pancakes with lemon and *boo hiss* sugar for Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day. They also make a fab breakfast, brunch or a tasty snack.

The pancakes are full of protein, healthy fats AND phytoestrogens, IF you use flaxseeds in your ground seed mix.

Phytoestrogens are great hormone balancers for women of all ages.

They are gluten free as buckwheat is a non-gluten seed not a grain. Yo can also get gluten free baking powder. Make them dairy free by using non-dairy milks such as rice, almond etc.

I scoffed mine with strawberries, coconut shards, walnuts and a luxurious chocolate sauce.

You can choose whatever toppings take your fancy – maybe choose from nuts, seeds, fruits, dried fruits, non dairy or dairy yoghurt, fruit compote, chair seed “jam”, raw honey, date paste, maple syrup …


Perfect ANYtime

Busy women note  – you CAN make a whole batch, freeze some and then defrost and cook on the toaster or under a warm grill. SO you can have  pancake breakfast any time no matter how busy and frazzled you are.


Enjoy your buckwheat pancakes!


Remember sharing is caring.  Share the video or share your photos with me when you make these.



P.S. I made mine in my Kitchen BFF – my Froothie 9400 Blender

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What I Love and Don’t Love About Juicing

What I Love and Don’t Love About Juicing.

What I LOVEand Don'T love About Juicing


Juicing – Yes or No?


That’s me enjoying a juice, that is.

I LURVE juicing.  I lurve juices.

Not the ones that come in a plastic carton or a bottle in a store, but real, freshly squeezed or juiced, fruits and veggies.  Nothing added.  Nothing taken away.

The ones in cartons are processed and lack nutrients. Sometimes they are made from concentrates. Sometimes sugar or artificial sweeteners are added.


What I Love about juicing

Here’s what I love most about juicing:-

Juices are super-concentrated with nutrients – a mahoosive hit of goodness in a glass.   Fruits and veggies are nutritional powerhouses, full of nutrients to nourish, promote health, prevent disease and rid the body of waste.


Some nutrients are even more absorbable in liquid form and without food.  Bonus.


Juicing is another way to get fruit and veggie dodgers to take in fruits and veggies.


Juices are super-convenient – stick ’em in a jar/bottle/flask and take then with you to work/the gym/in the car …  I have a BPA-free plastic bottle and a stainless steel flask for mine.


Juices (usually) taste sooooo good.  It depends what fruits and veggies you enjoy.


Juices are refreshing and thirst quenching and z-i-n-g-y.


Anyone (with a juicer) can make one – no kitchen or cooking expertise required for juicing.


There are so many different recipes out there for juices with all your fave ingredients.



What The Naysayers Might Say About Juicing

I know that some people will throw up their hands in horror that I love juicing.  They’ll say I’m just following the latest trend.

Rest asssured, I don’t exist on juice alone.  Never have. I include juicing as part of my diet and lifestyle.

The naysayers will say …


… Juices have too much sugar

I say it depends what you juice. I try to juice way more veggies than fruits. And fruits have health benefits.


…Or juices have fibre taken out 

Sure juicing take out the insoluble fibre or stringy bits. It doesn’t juice out the soluble fibre and that’s good for digestive health.   I do agree we need insoluble fibre in our diet, though to help keep our digestion in tip top condition. There will be some nutrients in the pulp that’s left too. I get that.


…You’re better off eating whole veggies and fruits. 

I’m all for people eating more veggies and fruits – for the nutrients and the fibre. So yes, as well as juicing, make ’em into smoothies, salads, soups, sauces.  Make them side dishes or the main attraction to a meal. Go for it!


…And there’s no protein in a juice.

AND YOU bang on about having good protein with every meal or snack for blood sugar, energy and mood balance. HA!

Well, if you’re concerned about protein, add a plainly based protein powder to your juice. Or Spirulina (a green powder made from algae) contains high protein. Sometimes, I have a small handful of nuts or seeds after a juice.


… Juicing is just plain dangerous – we shouldn’t live on juices. 

I always say never start on any major changes to diet and lifestyle without first checking with your Doctor. Having a lot of juice may not be right for some people especially if you have pre-existing health conditions. It’s wise to check.

Other notable examples show people WITH health conditions who have improved health by juicing. Have you heard of Reboot With Joe?  He lost weight and improved his health by juicing.


…It’s far too expensive

Good food is expensive.  I could get into the politics of food, but all I’ll say is I believe that good, local, seasonal, ,unsprayed/organic produce should be less expensive and more accessible to all.

It’s often cheaper to grow your own, visit food markets or local farms/cooperatives than to buy veg and fruit in supermarkets.


… What a waste! 

Yep, what to do with the pulp that’s left?

There are lots of things you could do. I know some people who feed it to their pets/birds/animals (if it’s appropriate for those animals).  I sometimes make it into other recipes – soup, crackers, cakes. Or you could compost it and use it on your garden?


… It’s just another fad with no science behind it.

Well, I’m a supporter of science.  It’s a tool and a process.  To test. To prove.  To disprove.  It’s not a belief system. Or a cult.

I’m not a fan of exaggerated health claims.

More research is going on into juices and their benefits. I’m keen to read much more.


What I Don’t Love About Juicing

But I’m not a rose-tinted spectacle wearing, (juice) glass half full girl.  No siree.

There ARE downsides. Things I don’t love.

And they are … cleaning out and washing up the juicer.

Now I have a fabulous slow juicer.  I LOVE it so much, I recommend them to others.

It’s a Froothie slow juicer. Same spec as other leading brands.  Priced REALLY competitively.  Easy to put together and dismantle. Extracts loads of juice from your produce. Relatively easy to clean.


Let’s be totally honest, NO juicer is an absolute cinch to clean every time you use it.  Especially if you juice stringy stuff like celery. I “de-string” mine first with a potato peeler.

And many juicers can be a bit tricky juicing stuff like rocket and parsley because the little stalky bits can block the juice pipe (technical term?).

I get around that by juicing my ingredients randomly – so a bit of lemon, then a bit of green apple, then some rocket, then a few chunks of celery and then a bit of apple, then kale … you get the picture.

That helps LOTS.

Froothie 400 Juicer in Black


So when I’m done juicing, I gently scrape down any bits of pulp left and either use them in other dishes, put them with the other veggies I give my dogs or compost them.

Then I wash in warm soapy water with the handy brush that came with the juicer.


I’d love to see picture of your juices and learn new recipes – do feel free to post them on my Facebook page or tag me on Twitter.

Happy juicing.


P.S. Blog contains an affiliate link.



Christmas Spice Milk Shake

Christmas Spice Milk Shake


Christmas Spice Milk Shake

You know it’s getting near Christmas when your kitchen – okay MY kitchen – smells like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

NO, I’m not mulling wine. Honest.

It’s breakfast time here!

I’ve been experimenting with a little Christmas spice breakfast treat.   I’ve concocted a Christmas Spice Milk Shake. It’s so tasty I may even treat myself to one on The Big Day before hitting the beach/woods with the dynamic doodle dog duo and Mr P.

Here’s the skinny for enough Christmas Spice Milk Shake to feed one Hungry Horace.

Ingredients for Christmas Spice Milk Shake

2 small – medium bananas

2-3 soft dates

1/2 tsp powdered cinnamon

pinch ground cloves to taste

pinch grated nutmeg to taste

pinch tumeric (only if you want to colour it a bit yellow)

1 tablespoon quinoa flakes (you could substitute ground flax seeds or even soaked cashews for the quinoa flakes to add creaminess and protein)

250ml of non-dairy milk or dairy milk of your choice (I chose almond milk as thats what I made yesterday)

ground cinnamon, grated chocolate, grated nutmeg, cinnamon stick, cacao nibs, bee pollen or whatever else you fancy for decorating the top.

Method for Christmas Spice Milk Shake

Whack all the ingredients into a super dooper, whizzy blender and whizz until smooth and creamy.

Serve in your fave smoothie/shake glass topped with festive treats.

And shhhhlllurrpppppp up your Christmas Spice Milk Shake.

I use the Froothie 9400 blender which is a great spec and excellent value compared to other high powered benders.  I use mine every day.   Find out more about my tippety top blender, dehydrator  and juicer RIGHT HERE. .

Let me know if you like the shake.  Even post pictures on my Facebook page?

Love, Kathy x



Mulled Apple Juice

Mulled Apple Juice

Mulled Apple Juice

“Christmas time, mistletoe and wine”

NO Sir Cliff, it doesn’t have to be about the wine. Or any alcohol.

If you’re reducing or avoiding alcohol this holidays, read on.

Maybe you’d like to make a winter warming drink that’s just a teensy bit special, so deffo try this.

You could even serve it to older kids?

Perfect if you’re pregnant and want it to join in when others are having mulled wine.

Menopausal ladies beware if spices are a trigger for hot flushes, though.

It’s Mulled Apple Juice.

I guarantee that if you make this you’ll win Brownie Points for being a proper Nigella. AND your home will also smell divine – like a German Christmas Market.  What could be better than that?

AND you can polish your halo and wake up without a hideous hangover.

Serves 4 people

Ingredients for Mulled Apple Juice

1 litre fresh or good quality apple juice.  I juice my own eating apples in my super Froothie Juicer.

1 cinnamon stick

Slivers of peel from an orange and a lemon  (no nasty pith please)

A small squeeze fresh orange and lemon juice

6 cloves

2 slightly crushed cardamon pods

Squeeze honey to taste (optional)

Method for Mulled Apple Juice

  1. Mix ingredients in a pan.
  2. Heat until warm – do not allow to boil.
  3. Strain out the cinnamon, cardamon and cloves
  4. Serve in glasses like mulled wine.


Use mulled wine spice bags instead of cinnamon and cloves.  Simples.  Remove before serving.  Nothing worse than chowing down on a spicy “teabag”.

Fancy It Up

Serve your Mulled Apple Juice with a tiny sprinkling of fresh nutmeg on top.  Or a half cinnamon stick in the glass. Unleash your inner Kirstie Allsop!

Top Tip

If you’re worried about serving hot liquid in glasses, put a cold teaspoon in each glass before you pour. Not a lot people know that.