Women’s Health & Fertility Clinic Norwich

I offer a number of face-to-face sessions in Norwich UK for women who like to see the whites of my eyes. 

A lot of my work is online and VIP clients mostly use Skype or phone coaching. Rest assured, I don’t sit in my jammies all day when I’m talking with you though!

Women's Health and Fertility Clinic Norwich

My private Women’s Health & Fertility Clinic Norwich takes place in the city centre at an oasis of calm – no REALLY – called U and Your Skin at 18 Bridewell Alley, Norwich NR2 1AQ.

It’s by appointment on MONDAYS and at other times but by prior arrangement only. Send booking queries to me here please.

You can choose any of the individual tools from my toolkit or plump for the perfect programme for you. 

My Norwich Women’s Health & Fertility Clinic with Acupuncturist Rebecca Geanty

I have LOVED working with Norwich Acupuncturist Rebecca Geanty for several years and with success. She’s a passionate, positive and popular practitioner too. Her special interests are fertility and pregnancy. We offer joint programmes to boost fertility or support women’s health issues. 

Click here for more details of our Friday clinics in Norwich UK.