My Toolkit

Want a brief look at the tools in my kitbag after years of midnight-oil burning? 

For years, I’ve been studying, reading, researching, practising and experimenting (mainly in the kitchen) until my eyes boggle, my brain aches and lightbulbs pop all around …like in the ‘toons.

Holistic Health Coaching with Nutrition

Want to transform your health and happiness with better food and life choices?

I’m a Health Coach trained in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting-edge Health Coach Training Programme. 

I learned holistic nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits and coaching skills. I discovered over 100 different dietary theories and learned from the world’s top holistic health and nutrition experts including Mark Hyman, Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Joe Cross, David Katz, Natasha Campbell-McBride and more.

 So, now I teach and support people to create and keep up healthy food and lifestyle habits.


Integrative Nutrition

Foresight Natural Fertility and Preconception Care

Want to optimise your fertility, get pregnant faster or boost chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby?

Foresight (The Association for Promotion of Pre-Conception Care) has developed principles over 30 years to improve fertility and reduce risks in pregnancy and to children’s health.

The Foresight principles boost health and fertility through better food choices, supplements, changing lifestyle and avoiding toxins.

 I’m a recognised Foresight practitioner.  Several of the world’s Natural Fertility experts and women’s health experts were trained by Foresight.

Read more here.

Foresight for General Health

Want to look better, feel better and have more energy? Who doesn’t!?

Over the years Foresight have used their principles to help people of all ages with a whole range of symptoms and health conditions.

Read more here


Want a safe, natural, non-toxic, complementary therapy for your minor symptoms, to support your diagnosed condition or to use alongside conventional treatment?

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine.  It’s principles date back thousands of years to Hippocrates a.k.a. The Father of Medicine. It treats people with highly diluted natural substances: because it’s dilute, it’s non toxic.

A homeopath matches the best medicine to each person, depending on their symptoms.

As yet, science hasn’t explained how homeopathy works.  But lab experiments have shown that homeopathic substances cause biological effects.  There is also a growing body of research evidence suggesting that homeopathic medicines have clinical effects too. Skeptics may tell you otherwise.

There is a growing body of trials and studies testing homeopathy – it’s usefulness, cost effectiveness and safety. 

Make up your own mind. Read more here on research and specific illnesses.

 As well as my college course in homeopathy, I trained with Australian Homeopath Liz Lalor to learn her homeopathy, herbs, supplements and lifestyle programme to help boost women’s health and fertility. 
Read more on the Liz Lalor Fertility Programme here.


Want to harness the power of plants to support healing?

Phytotherapy is the use of plants or plant extracts for healing. Plants are processed carefully to preserve active ingredients.

I was trained by the A Vogel Institute and use their herbal remedies to benefit you.

I also use some fab herbal products that have been prepared homeopathically i.e. diluted.  They are more gentle than herbal medicines. They are known as “homeobotanicals” and were developed by The Herbal Energy Centre in New Zealand.

Not to be confused with Medical Herbalism or Traditional Chinese Medicine/Herbalism.  I’m not trained in those.


Hair Mineral Testing

Want to play Health Detective and uncover what might be underlying your symptoms with hair sample testing?

I use good Laboratories to test hair samples. Hair samples can show mineral levels, mineral balance and any toxic metals in the body; all of these can affect general and hormonal health and fertility.

I mainly use Foresight’s chosen Lab.  That’s because they use different “normal” reference ranges for mineral and toxin levels for general health and fertility.  It means the test results are more relevant to your own circumstances and health goals.

Mineral deficiencies can be tackled through diet changes and supplements. You can also address harmful metals in your body through food, supplements and lifestyle choices.

Female Hormone Testing by Saliva Sample

 Want to play Health Detective and uncover what might be underlying your symptoms with saliva testing?

The tests measure hormone levels over time to identify any imbalances.  Basically, you take saliva samples at different times over a few weeks to send off for analysis.

Common symptoms of hormone issues include PMS, fluid retention, heavy periods, irregular periods, low sex drive, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, infertility, acne, excess body hair, menopausal symptoms.

If the tests show imbalances, you can make health improvements through food choices, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Memberships & Registrations

International Association for Health Coaches

Member of Foresight Preconception Care

Associate of the Natural Family Planning Teachers Association

Registered with the Society of Homeopaths


Student Natural Family Planning Teacher with Natural Family Planning Teachers Association

Certified Health Coach  by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Recognised Natural Fertility & Preconception Care Practitioner  with Foresight Preconception Care

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Licentiate of the Homeopathic College of East Anglia

Registered Homeopath RSHom by the Society of Homeopaths

On the Accredited Register of the Professional Standards Authority


Certified Phytotherapy Practitioner (Vogel Institute)