About Kathy Payne

In short, I’m a reformed overweight, unfit, exhausted, sick and cranky corporate stress-bunny turned Women’s Natural Health and Fertility Coach.

Here’s a short sneaky peek into my own journey…

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My Journey In Words

Rewind a few years…

I was a manager at a huge firm, working long hours, travelling, snatching and skipping meals and generally stressed.

I ate processed foods and lots of sugar and drank too much red wine. I suffered poor sleep through “busy brain” and had no time to unwind. Time at home was spent rushing chores or slumped on the sofa. I was powered by adrenalin and dreams of my next holiday.

 Frankly, I was overweight, under-nourished, unfit, over-tired and a little unhinged. I was a slave to my cycle, had terrible skin and straw-like hair, digestive problems (belly bloat big styley), neck and shoulder pain, caught regular coughs and colds and had zero energy. And I was fast approaching 40.

Tired of quick fixes that never worked, I decided on some life laundry. I turned to a nutritional therapist, homeopath and osteopath for help.  They taught me new habits, supported me, even nurtured me.  

 I took responsibility, changed my ways and never looked back.  I lost ALMOST 3 STONES, my skin glowed, I slept like a baby and had bags of energy. I was and AM a new woman.

I am fascinated by the power of food, lifestyle choices and natural therapies and started studying – long and hard. I continue to learn. The rest is history…  

Fast forward a few years …

 I’m a “marvellous and mature” woman in my 40s. I’m healthier, happier, slimmer, fitter, more energetic than ever before.  I’m even managing my own perimenopause magnificently!


And I’m a Women’s Health Coach.

I provide FREE online tips and support for women, who want to improve their hormonal health or fertility or just need more oomph.

I also work in an online class or “programme” format, teaching you to help yourself tackle your hormonal health or fertility issues. So whether you’re struggling to get pregnant or you’re living in hot flush hell, I have something for you or they are coming soon.  If you tell me what you want, what you really, really want, I might even produce it sooner!

I work on a 1-2-1 basis, coaching and hand-holding VIP clients to help you reach your goals.   

 My drive is to help you be the very best version of yourself … to support you on your journey to better health, more balanced hormones or fertility… nurturing you naturally.

Ready to start your own journey?   Start by grabbing your FREE copy of 10 Surprising Signs of Haywire Hormone and Hacks to Help.

Love, Kathy x